Do you want to plug your existing system or app into FHIR in less than 15 minutes?

How does it work?

Every QuickFHIR Cell provides a unique HL7 FHIR® REST API endpoint powered by Amazon API Gateway, FHIR Works on AWS and a sprinkling of Black Pear knowledge.

The Cell is assembled from a number of different components.​


At the heart of every QuickFHIR Cell is an Adapter that implements the business rules you need to use the capabilities of a particular Electronic Health Record.

We offer an ever-expanding library of off-the-shelf FHIR APIs.

If you can't find the FHIR API you need or you need help adding a FHIR API to an existing system then we can help.​


Every QuickFHIR Cell is protected by an AWS Web Application Firewall.

By default, all requests are blocked.

You can choose from a range of pre-configured WAFs to provide the protection you need for your service.​


Every request to a QuickFHIR Cell must be authorized so that you can ensure that only legitimate users access the API capabilities.

By default, all requests are rejected.

You can choose the Authorizer you need from a range of internet standards, including JWT.


Every request to a QuickFHIR Cell is audited so that you can track who accessed the API, where they were and what capabilities they used. Audit records specific to each Adapter provide additional information necessary to provide regulatory compliance.

By default, FHIR AuditEvent resources are written to Amazon S3


Every request to a QuickFHIR Cell is logged so that troubleshooting information is available in the event of problems. Additional logging specific to each Adapter provides the extra detail you need for that API.

By default, logs are written to Amazon Cloudwatch.


Choose the capacity of the QuickFHIR Cell to suit your needs, based on how many requests you need to make and whether you are processing production data.

cell requests/second (burst) requests/month use 2 (4) 1000 development
qf1.nano 2 (4) 50000 production

Development cells retain audit events for 1 month, logs for 1 month and use a shared AWS KMS encryption key.

Production cells retain audit events for 12 months, logs for 6 months and use a unique AWS KMS encryption key for data at rest.

QuickFHIR is currently in private beta. If you would like to be part of this, then get in touch!

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