Do you want to give developers a new FHIR API customised to your health system?

QuickFHIR is in private-beta, contact us for more information.

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How does it work?

  • Our FHIR experts will help you design and build your own FHIR API from scratch
  • It will implement only the FHIR capabilities you need
  • Once it’s built you can make it available for any third party to use on the QuickFHIR platform

Every QuickFHIR Cell provides a unique HL7 FHIR® REST API endpoint powered by Amazon API Gateway, FHIR Works on AWS and a sprinkling of Black Pear knowledge.

At the heart of every QuickFHIR Cell is an Adapter that implements the business rules you need to share the capabilities of your Electronic Health Record.

We can work with you to quickly co-create a FHIR API and deploy it to the cloud.

Combining the power of the QuickFHIR platform, our experience of creating FHIR APIs and your knowledge of your own health system we can accelerate your journey.

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